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working method

In a first conversation we create a global picture of your needs and requirements. In this way we map out the problems and determine what goals you want to achieve. After an initial interview, we determine whether I am the right person to guide you in your growth process.


Together we will draw up a plan, which will serve as a guideline for your process. This plan will contain objectives that will once again make you move in the direction you want. Based on your goals we will also determine whether the focus will be on conversation therapy, coaching or walking therapy. We will arrange a number of sessions.


After the last session we will discuss whether the treatment can be ended, or whether a continuation would be beneficial. For some challenges, one session is sufficient, for others five, ten or more are needed. There is as much time as necessary. 


The first session always takes place in my practice room. Follow-up conversations can take place at specific nature spots in Brussels, by mutual agreement. Nature is a strong therapeutic framework that gives you extra (and completely free) support in your growth process. In summer and when the weather is good, I will offer you this option.


types of therapy & counseling



Therapy focuses on treating problems that occur in your life. With the help of therapy, you become more aware of your thinking patterns, your feelings and what drives you in your actions.

Awareness is the first and most important step towards change and growth. In therapy the necessary time is taken to reflect on your experiences and your inner world of experience, in order to come to changes that come from within.



Coaching focuses on your future. We look at where you want to go, what you want to achieve and what obstacles you might still have to overcome.

We map out your talents, your strengths and your weaknesses. Your decisiveness will be maximally addressed, so that you can work towards the desired change.




Walking therapy is a very gentle way to make contact with your body and what you need to re-experience well-being. We do this form of therapy in nature, in and around Brussels.

Trees and a view offer you perspectives in an organic way. The physical movement and the natural framework reduce your cortisol level, so your body can immediately start to let go of all the stress.

practical information


A first conversation lasts one hour and a quarter, subsequent sessions lasts one hour.

pricing therapy & coaching 

  • Cost per session – 67 euro



A first conversation takes place in my practice, at Avenue du Roi Chevalier 41, 1200 Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe.

  • The parkingspot in front of the garage is reserved for you.

  • Bus 28 stops at 150 meters from the practice.

  • The metro stop Gribaumont is 150 m away.

The location of a second session will be agreed upon after the first conversation (continue session in the practice, session in nature or walking therapy).

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