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ouVert is there for everyone who needs guidance and support during change or a hard time.

Through therapy and coaching, I support you during this process. Using a concrete and goal-oriented approach, we work together on your growth.


"The first step towards getting somewhere

  is to decide that you are not going to stay

  where you are"

      - Chauncey Depew

the vision of ouvert

Three basic ingredients for a well-founded and unique approach during our guidance, therapy and coaching.







Nature, in both the literal and the figurative sense of the word: you enter a spacious minimalistic and bright practice room, and sessions can also take place in nature by mutual agreement.

An open attitude and integrity are part and parcel of this natural approach.

Conversational therapy is only one way to express yourself. There is room for more than just verbal expression during the treatment, your unique style will be the only right one.

So you can choose between different forms of therapy:

verbal, non-verbal, body oriented, heart coherence, meditation, letter therapy, role play, walking therapy.

We will clearly map out your wishes and needs/ requirements so that we can work from there in the direction you want.

We make the question specific by linking objectives to the sessions. Through evaluations, increasing your self-awareness, home assignments and psycho-education we make your growth process tangible.

for whom

Based on your personal situation, we pick the guidance that is adapted to your needs. Adolescents (from 15 years of age), young adults as well as adults can come to ouVert. 


You can receive guidance in Dutch, English and French.

You can contact ouVert for the following problems:


stress & burnout

  • You don't feel you’re in the right place at work? You feel like there's a mismatch?

  • You experience a lot of negative stress during your working day and at the same time you like doing your job?

  • You have a burnout or a bore out?

  • You have the desire but not the motivation to find a different job?

  • You suffer from fear of failure and adopt perfectionist behaviour or just very lazy behaviour?

  • You suffer from performance pressure, as a student, as an employee or as a self-employed person with a small business?


dealing with heavy events

accepting a change in your life

Negative events always take us out of our comfort zone and appeal to our resilience. Just like a rubber band, that resilience can stretch quite a bit, but at some point the spring snaps. 

Tricky events require that you learn to deal with a situation that shakes your world. 


Positive changes can also involve a lot of stress, e.g. having a child (baby blues or postnatal depression), moving, taking over a business, your children leaving home, etc.


  • You've been medically diagnosed, you've got chronic pain from illness, a loved one who's fallen ill

  • You're grieving for your loved one who died

  • You need to process your divorce

  • You were fired

  • You didn't get something you have been wanting for a long time (a visa, an entrance exam, a promotion, a relationship)

  • A conflict in the family, family ties falling away




There is a problem when you experience that you have lost control in your way of dealing with the obstacles in your life.


  • You drink too much, or you are struggling with substance abuse?

  • You have anger issues and are behaving aggressively towards people you love?

  • You consistently avoid people, conversations, situations?

  • You suppress awkward feelings and are afraid to look them in the eye?


you're at a crossroad in your life

  • You have doubts about your relationship?

  • There's domestic violence in your house and you're hesitating to leave?

  • You're not happy with your body and you're thinking about a medical procedure?

  • You have doubts about your life right now and about your plans for the future?


you're feeling stuck

  • You don't trust your own abilities?

  • You are struggling with your role or your place that has changed within your environment (e.g. your children have left home, you have lost your job)?

  • You were diagnosed, e.g. with ADHD, ADD, HSP, giftedness or ASD, and so far you have experienced this as a 'label' or as an obstacle?

  • You don't know yet how to turn your weakness into your strength?

  • You haven't found the learning method that suits you yet?

  • You can't find the job that suits your needs and qualities?

For whom
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